Toy Champions

 Ch Vivara Stand and Cheer "Zippa"

17/10/1995 - 17/11/2011

Zippa was my very first show dog.  He was, and still is a very determined little dog who always seems to get his own way.  He had a very memerable show career with some very exciting wins along the way. 

10 Class in Group awards

2 Class in show awards

Runner up to Best in Group

Junior in Show Toy Poodle Club of NSW 1996

Canberra Royal 1997 Challenge Dog, 1998 Best of Breed, 1999 3rd Open Dog

Melbourne Royal 1998 Best of Breed from 59 toy poodle entries

Poodle Club of NSW Apr 1998 Challenge Dog & Runner up to Best of Breed



Ch Dootwa Vandal Tracker "Vandal"

11 Jan 1998 - 1 April 2009


Vandal was my shadow.  He was a true showman in every sense of the word.  He taught me how to show.  He came to me as a nine month old puppy ready to take on the world and he did.  His very first show, only a few weeks after I got him, he won Best of Breed and Puppy in Group.  Not bad for a dog from the country who had never been on a lead before.  He was a special little man who put his all into his showing.  I can't thank Carol Woodward (Dootwa Toy Poodles) enough for entrusting this special boy to me.   Like his father (Tracker) Vandal had some very nice wins during his career. Some of these include: 

Best In Show - ACT Ladies Kennel Club August 2000

5 Best In Group awards

5 Runner Up to Best In Group awards

16 Class In Group awards

2 Class In Show awards

Canberra Royal 1999 & 2000 1st in his class and 2002 Reserve Challenge Dog

Poodle Club of NSW Oct 2000 & Oct 2001 Challenge Dog and Best of Breed




 Ch Zillara Kaos By Vandal "Kaos"

Kaos was my first home bred toy champion.  Kaos by name, kaos by nature.  There wasn't much that he didn't destroy including his top knot, hence his short show career :(  Although short, just over 12 months, he did very well in that space of time. 

5 Class in Group awards including Canberra Royal 2004 Best in Non-Sporting Group - Baby Puppy

2 Class in Show awards

Canberra Royal 2005 Best of Breed under poodle specialist Mr John Stanton (NZ)

Poodle Club of NSW Oct 2004 Reserve Challenge Dog, Oct 2005 Junior of Breed






Ch Vivara Carnaval "Rio"

Rio is my princess.  From her first time in the ring she strutted her stuff.  Although she had a few hicups along the way Rio did both her her breeder Mrs Carol Vimpany (Vivara Toy Poodles) and myself very proud.  Mrs Kim Silito Beal (UK) from the 2005 Poodle National wrote: A fabulous headed rangy type black girl.  I just loved her overall type and shape.  Very elegant.  Lovely head, eye and dreamy expression.  Very smart and self-assured.  Very sound and stylish.  Showed herself with great aplomb for such a youngster.  I liked her alot.  Rio is a multiple class in Group and Best In Show - Baby Puppy winner.  She also won Best of Breed and Junior in Group at the 2006 Canberra Royal.  Rio retired from the show ring to take up maternal duties producing 2 beautiful youngsters who are both doing very well and are nearing their titles.



Ch Petitlatoy Who Said What "Nico"

Nico is a charming young man whom I adore.  It was all about him from the minute he stepped in the ring winning Best Baby Puppy In Show.  At the tender age of 6 months he won his first Best In Non-Sproting Group and Best Minor Puppy In Show.  He is a gorgeous dog with lots to offer both All Breed and Specialist judges.  Nico gained his title in 12 shows. His winnings to date include:

8 Class in Group awards

3 Class in show awards (1 specialty)

Best In Non Sporting Group

Runner Up to Best in Non Sporting Group 




Ch Zillara Atomic Blonde "Sonic"

Sonic aka Miss Brown was my little surprise from Lucy's final litter.  Last born and leaving a lasting impression on us here at Zillara.  She is quite a handful to manage with that wicked brown naughtyness that only an owner of a brown poodle could understand.  Sonic gained her title in 10 months with class in Group awards and many Best of Breeds to her credit. 



Ch Petitlatoy Backchat "Echo"

Echo is my little one.  She has the most wonderful nature and just loves to show.  Echo gained her title in 12 shows with some impressive wins along the way which included bitch challenge at the 2007 October Poodle Specialty show, Runner Up to Best in Group  and Junior in Show.   Echo is a very special girl and we are so blessed to have her here at Zillara.  I thank Gina Steele "Petitlatoy Toy Poodles" for allowing me to own such a gorgeous girl.


Ch Petitlatoy Hot Mambo "Mambo"


Mambo is a very special little man.  He has the most gorgeous nature and perfect manners.



 Ch Zillara Nothin To It "Buddy"



Buddy is owned and loved by Sue and Robert Matijow.  He gained his title at the age of 13 months winning several Best of Breeds and class in group awards.  Buddy is a lovely boy who possesses has his monthers good looks and his fathers cheeky nature. 


Ch Zillara Miss Saigon "Sahara"



Sahara is a natural showgirl.  She has the most wonderful outgoing nature and just loves to be around people.  She certainly lives up to the saying "browns are clowns" with her games and endless playing around the home.  She is a wonderful blend of her mother Ch Petitlatoy Backchat "Echo" and Ch Sintee Midnight Samba "Sam" gaining their good looks, temperament and personalities.  Both her parents have achieved some outstanding awards during their careers with Sam most recently winnning Best Australian Bred in Show at the Poodle National 2011.

  Sahara is certainly holding her own in the show ring with a Best Baby Puppy In Show at her first outing The Poodle Club of NSW Mar 2010.  She won Puppy of Breed at the 2010 Melbourne Royal (handled my Miranda Duncan) and then followed this win with challenge bitch Poodle Club of NSW Oct 2010 and Reserve Challenge bitch Poodle Club of NSW Mar 2011. 

Sahara finished her Australian title in style with

3 x BOB (15 points)

3 x Junior in Group

2 x Runner Up to Best In Group

I am very proud of Sahara and her achievements to date

Sahara finishes off 2011, No 5 Toy Poodle in the Dogz On Line All Breeds point score from 2 shows.







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